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Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter

Kinnelon Animal Shelter

Adopt a Best Friend

Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter (KVAS) is a 501(c)(3) animal shelter located in NW New Jersey.

We strive to give homeless kittens & cats a second chance at life by matching the right fur kid with their right forever family.

Consider us “Match Makers” for our four-legged friends.

Adopting a Fur Friend

KVAS wants our cats to be placed with loving,  responsible homes, in an environment that best suits both the animal and their prospective “owner”. If you have previously owned a pet, we will be looking to verify a history of regular veterinary care and vaccinations.

Since the animals cannot speak for themselves, KVAS becomes their voice. We know each animal’s needs and special requirements and we work to ensure that these will be satisfied in their new home.

Our 40+ years of experience have taught us that the most successful adoptions are those where the needs of the animals are carefully considered along with the desires of prospective adopters. We want every adoption to last a lifetime, and our thorough Adoption Process helps to ensure this.

Meet Our Cats

Wish List


Pet Supplies

  • Dry cat food (PURINA PRO PLAN – weight management or urinary tract preferred )
  • Canned Kitten Food (Science Diet only) – Please NO FISH or SEAFOOD
  • Dry Kitten Food (Purina Kitten Chow, Pro Plan Kitten, Science Diet Kitten)
  • Cardboard Scratching Posts for cats

Household Supplies

  • Trash bags (unscented, 13 gallon, kitchen size)
  • Liquid Dish soap (Dawn)
  •  Clean linens such as sheets, blankets, pillow cases & towels (no comforters, down items or pillows)
  • Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap
kinnelon animal shelter

Most Needed

  • Gift cards from local retailers and/or supermarkets
  • Paper towels (white, select a size)
  • Canned cat food (PURINA PRO PLAN – weight management or urinary tract preferred )
  • Cat litter (unscented, clumping) – World’s Best Multiple Cat preferred
  • U.S.P.S. ” Forever” postage stamps
  • Frontline Plus for medium size cats
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Office Supplies

  • White copy paper 8.5″ x 11″
  • Letter-size file folders – 3 tab, manila
  •  Gift cards from Staples or Office Depot
  • Gift cards from Michael’s (for making flyers, bulletin boards, etc.)

Get Involved

KVAS is always looking for dedicated volunteers in these areas:

1. Animal Care – Can you make a commitment of at least 2 hours a week to share with our animals? All volunteers must be 21 years of age or older to interact with the animals.

2. Professional Experience – Love animals but can’t commit to a regular schedule at the shelter? Why not share your professional expertise to benefit the animals/shelter? Please contact us so we can match your skills with one of our committees dedicated to the business of running KVAS.

Become a Foster Parent

Sometimes one or more of our animals needs a little something more than we can provide at the shelter. It may be a mother cat with newborns, kittens with no mother to wean them, or a cat who just needs more socializing (and snuggles ) than our volunteers can offer within the four walls of the shelter.

Whatever the case, opening your home (and your heart) to an animal with the full knowledge that the animal you care for, will one day leave, is the ultimate act of human kindness.

No doubt that when the time comes for your foster to move on, the parting will be bittersweet but the sheer joy of seeing the animal heading off to their Forever Home simply can’t be beat.

Are you one of those very special people who can be a foster parent to a KVAS animal?
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call KVAS at 973-238-4120

Pet Adoption Information

Adopting VS BUying

Every year millions of cats & dogs enter animal shelters nationwide, and 1.5 million become euthanized. And with the current shelter crisis, numbers are on the rise. But you can help!

Not only are fur babies scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and improve blood pressure, but no one can offer the unconditional love and companionship a pet can.

How to Find the Perfect Cat

Remember… with any pet, you are making a commitment to care for your four-legged companion for its entire life which may be 5, 10,15 years or more!

When you are done with the basis, be sure to consider the animal’s temperament and the uniqueness of their breed. This will help you to adopt the right animal for you, your lifestyle and living situation.

Help Us to Help Them

Kinnelon Animal Shelter

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Meet our adoptable animals:

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Telephone: 973-283-4120
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